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Teror is a Canarian municipality in the northern portion of the island of in the Las Palmas province. Teror is a suburb of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city. September 8 is the local festivity celebrating Virgen del Pino (virgin of the pine, patron of the Gran Canaria).

Teror has been called the quintessential Canary Islands location, because of reasons including architecture, piety and culinary delights – everthing in Teror has a special Canarian quality. There is a unique basilica which residents flock to, the quiet Virgin of the Pine Square in front of it, and neatly fronted buildings along the picturesque Calle Real de la Plaza street. The entire Old Town of Teror is under monument protection. After shepherds witnessed a Marian apparition nearby on 8th September 1481, Teror became the most important pilgrimage destination of the Canary Island – and thereby also a rather rich little town. White houses with wooden balconies are typical of the town.

There’s a weekly market (mercadillo) on Sundays, considered the best (most original) of Gran Canaria; not to mention the processions of the virgen del Pino on the eve of her patronage the 8th of September; attracting thousands of people across the islands.