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Our Collaborators


santanderBanco Santander is the largest Spanish Banking Corporation and the largest bank in the Eurozone. It is one of the largest banks in the world in terms of market capitalization and originated in Santander, Cantabria, Spain.

As of April 2013, Santander was ranked 43rd in the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world’s largest companies.

Real Estate My Home shares a strategic collaboration relationship with Banco Santander in the south of Gran Canaria with key contacts on all important hierarchical levels of the banks structure in Gran Canaria.

Through Real Estate My Home our clients can open an account in Banco Santander through our referral and benefit of second to none conditions and benefits without even being in Gran Canaria. We also offer comprehensive and competitive mortgages through Banco Santander with our channels going up through to the mortgage approvals department and obtaining approvals for mortgages on referrals from Real Estate My Home.

This alliance has definitely proved more than fruitful for Real Estate My Home as well as for Banco Santander, mainly in Gran Canaria, they being a large banking corporation; and more importantly been highly beneficial for all our clients having the opportunity to bank with one of the largest and most professional banking groups in the world and benefitting from the best of the best through Real Estate My Home’s referrals.

Dating back since 2005 when this collaborating alliance commenced, Real Estate My Home has served its over Five Hundred clients with accounts in Banco Santander with beneficial conditions and favorable banking products, primarily mortgage approvals and premium accounts for day to day banking.


mapfreMAPFRE is the largest and leading insurance company is Spain. Real Estate My Home joint hands with MAPFRE and collaborates with them since 2010 and has since successfully managed to liaise hundreds of insurance policies through them sewing together a strategic alliance which has proved extremely beneficial for the clients of Real Estate My Home and the directors of MAPFRE in the south of Gran Canaria.

With this Real Estate My Home’s commitment to offer an after sales service which is second to none to its clients remains intact and the strategic partnership has also helped Real Estate My Home grow as a company by offering a new platform of services through the largest and most important company of its sector in Spanish territory.

Insurances offered with Real Estate My Home through MAPFRE:

  • Home Insurances: For properties purchased through Real Estate My Home or home owners willing to obtain a lower and more professional premium to their existing home insurance.
  • Health Insurance: For all Real Estate My Home clients and especially for those purchasing property in Spain to obtain a Spanish Residency for which this insurance is mandatory. As well as for those looking to spend long periods of time in the Canary Islands.
  • Car Insurance: For all those purchasing a vehicle in Gran Canaria or looking to maintain one for prolonged stays on the island.

Real Estate My Home only manages and contracts your premium policy through MAPFRE if you are a client of Real Estate My Home.

Francisco Carmelo Santana Lopez is the director of MAPFRE south office in Gran Canaria and is probably the most efficient and professional strategic collaborator of Real Estate My Home.


vegaVEGA ASESORES is one of the leading consulting companies in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, founded in 1988 and led by its founder Jose Juan Vega Sanchez. It comprises a team of over 50 professionals who are each specialized in the various departments of professional consultancy; fiscal, accountancy and legal.

Real Estate My Home’s partnership with VEGA ASESORES has with no doubt been of a great importance to VEGA ASESORES and most importantly to all of Real Estate My Home’s clients. Probably the largest professionals behind the curtains with many of our clients not having personally met with the professionals behind this important company; but having largely benefited from its services.

Taking care of all tax payments and fiscal benefits and rights of property buyers out here in Gran Canaria, VEGA ASESORES has been responsible for filing returns and reaping great fiscal benefits to all Real Estate My Home clients by exercising all the rights the complex Spanish fiscal structure contains for Non-Resident buyers and property owners in Gran Canaria.

Un-doubtfully one of the most important pillars in the structure of Real Estate My Home without whom all our clients would definitely lack a professional, correct and honest approach to filing their returns and paying their taxes for property purchase in Gran Canaria. Real Estate My Home’s clients can rest in peace and enjoy their dream property purchased with us knowing that a great team of professional engages and sees to it that all their taxes are correctly filed and paid as well as all their rights correctly exercised before all the legal organisms and legal departments of the complex Spanish Bureaucratic system.