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Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO PANORAMICAPuerto Rico is a specially constructed holiday resort situated on the south-west coast of Gran Canaria. It is an extremely popular touristic destination especially with tourists from the UK.

The volcanic origins of Gran Canaria are very apparent in the island’s coastal ruggedness and contrasting verdant interior. Many of the rocky ravines that lead down to the coastline have been developed with holiday installations; Puerto Rico is one. The apartment complexes and holiday resort properties adorn the sides of the otherwise barren cliffs.

Puerto Rico has a sandy beach encompassed by two small harbors. Inside the resort, the majority of shops and restaurants are situated in commercial centers. The main center is at the heart of Puerto Rico, the Europa Shopping Centre is in the higher part, and the Pasarela centre backs the beach. These shopping centers have all the necessary amenities and facilities for a bustling resort like restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and banks.

PUERTO RICO_2The beach promenade of Puerto Rico is approximately 1.200 meters long and links the resort with the new and now famous beach of the Amadores resort. This is a new and artificially remodeled beach of white sand surrounded by lush green garden areas and a commercial area mainly comprising of restaurants, bars and souvenir outlets.