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Rent houses – Apartments and Bungalows in Gran Canaria

Rent houses - apartments and bungalows in Gran Canaria Aspirations of owning a property in Gran Canaria are easier to achieve than you may realise. It may appear a daunting prospect, due to perhaps, your lack of knowledge and understanding of the procedures, laws and regulations in Spain.

The Canary Islands enjoy one of the finest climates in the world and Gran Canaria continues to be the most popular of the islands for visitors and residents alike due to diversity. From Gran Canaria spectacular natural parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty to the lively resort areas and the sub-tropical climate provides all year round sunshine and warm temperatures that provide the perfect lifestyle for residents and the many visitors the island attracts each year.

Owning a property in Gran Canaria offers many options for a range of people. Whether your taste is for and active lifestyle with a myriad of activities and sights available or the gentle tranquil lifestyle, Gran Canaria is the perfect location. You may be considering a second home here to enjoy the sun that still warms our days in the heart of winter or perhaps your aim is to obtain an additional income from letting your property, or even relocating to join the many “ex-pats” who now reside in the tropical paradise.

Rent houses – Apartments and bungalows in Gran Canaria

Whatever your reasons, we trust you will find REAL ESTATE MY HOME helpful in selecting and finding the dream property of your life.

PROFESSIONAL, QUALITY, SERVICE, three words that summarise REAL ESTATE MY HOME. We constantly strive to exceed our customer’s expectations with regard to the quality of personal client service we deliver in a friendly and professional manner.

Rent houses - apartments and bungalows in Gran CanariaYou need not take our word, we will be happy to put you in touch with our many customers who have chosen our company; most of our new customers are by referral from existing clientele (check our client testimonials sections for more referrals).

Through our search engine you should be able to get a good insight of the property market and properties available for sale on the market; however do mail us with your exact search criteria and specifications as many properties (often the most sought after) are not published on our web page at the sellers request and discretion.

Happy home Hunting !!





What do we offer you as a buyer?

(With all humbleness if the question would be phrased the wrong way round: What don’t we offer you as a Real Estate My Home client? Then it would definitely be hard to have an answer, probably impossible!!

  • Property hunting :- We shall hunt the market and our database for you to design a tailor made portfolio understanding your exact property purchase needs.

  • Languages spoken :- Through our different sales personnel and collaborators we can cater to you in over ten different languages.

  • Know-How :- Through our expertise staff we can offer you a priceless insight on the real estate market at the present moment as well as the past and our views on the future. A second to none “Know-How” on the market which shall prove as probably the most valuable asset whilst taking the plunge on a particular property.

  • Legal assistance :- Irrespective of you having your own lawyer or not; Real Estate My Home has to your disposal a full time property lawyer to help and assist you on all those legal queries you may have and check up with the land registry (beforehand you even make a decision) for all the property encumbrances if at all any.

  • Prepare to purchase :- We shall apply for your NIE number (please refer to NIE on our information segment), introduce you to local bank managers for opening an account and assist in liaising with all the necessary to set up your base in Gran Canaria and be ready for the purchase.