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Gran Canaria is noted for its rich variety of micro climates. Generally speaking though, the average daytime high ranges from 20°C in winter, to 26°C in summer. Some cool nights occur in winter, but lows below 15°C are unknown near the coast. Annual rainfall averages 228 mm, most of this falling in the cooler months, with June, July, August and September normally rainless. Rainfall is unevenly distributed through the island with some areas being much drier than others. Cloud cover and sunshine is often quite variable during the cooler months, and there can be several rather cloudy days at times in winter. Summers are generally quite sunny however, with the south of the island being most favored; and the part of the island which has the most stable and constant temperature all year round combined with the long hours of constant sunshine! A paradisiac micro climate rare in any other part of the world!

Various studies by diverse meteorological centers across the world have rated the island as the most healthiest micro-climate on earth recommended by many European doctors as the ideal residency destination for curing bone disorders and muscular pains like rheumatism and arthritis as well as skin related problems like psoriasis and respiratory problems like asthma.

Hence the climate and weather being one of the primary reasons for the all year round and winter migration from most European destinations, many of the same choosing the island as their second home becoming residents of the world’s best climate.

“Gran Canaria enjoys the best climate in the world”

Thomas Whitmore (Director of research on climatology at Syracuse University, USA)


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