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Post Sale

Post-SaleWhat once I am now a happy property owner in Gran Canaria?

“We literally get married to our clients” was a statement made by a senior member of staff to one of our clients back in 2006. Once you are an owner of a property in Gran Canaria is sometimes when you really just begin to enter the family of clients at Real Estate My Home.

  • Payment of taxes, notary fees etc and full inscription and registration of your property. (See Taxes in our information segment)

  • Water, Electricity and all other services passed onto your name and ownership, direct debiting directly to your account any bills.

  • Offering you a wide array of services from insurance policies to assistance on wills and testaments.

  • Integral renovations and construction jobs on your property (please refer to Integral Renovations sector for more information).

  • Legal and tax representation for yearly tax returns and any fiscal obligations you may have as a property holder in Gran Canaria.

  • Rental management of your property: Real Estate My Home gives top priority to rent only the properties purchased through us on a primary basis. The result of this having reached its peak in the year 2011; Real Estate My Home had a tenant in absolutely every single property it had sold and the owner wished to rent.

The list could go on and never end; the conclusion being Real Estate My Home shall literally be “Your Home” for everything and anything you engage into after having purchased your property through us.