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Arucas is one of the largest administrative municipalities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, situated in the mountains and the valleys, the farmlands cover part of the Arucas mountains towards the south and valleys towards the north. One of the major historically important towns of the island is indeed also a must visit for the explorers of Gran Canaria.

The Church of San Juan Bautista is the leading architectural and social monument in the municipality; it was built entirely in Arucas stone by local master masons, and it dates from 1909. Apart from the wealth of the carved stone columns and column heads, there are also some beautiful stained glass windows, the works of Canary Islands painter Cristobal Hernandez de Quintana, and an extraordinary carving of the Reclining Christ, by Manuel Ramos. Towards the north is the Montaña de Arucas which is thought to be the area where courageous Doramas the Guanche leader was killed in 1481 by Pedro de Vera in the Battle of Arucas. Arucas is known for the production of rum.

Arucas was rebuilt in 1480 after being completely destroyed in 1478. Since the 15th century, the main crop of the Arucas area was sugar cane. Rum was produced here long before sugar plantations were cultivated in Cuba. One of the main features of modern-day Arucas is its rum factory; the all famous “Ron Arehucas”.

Property is mostly large estates owned by ancestral farmers and local landlords.