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Charitable Funds

Charitable fundsAt Real Estate My Home we believe that we should contribute to show in society what in some way is reaped through this same society at large itself. We contribute at realizing dreams; dreams of those looking to own a holiday home in the Canary Islands and our top most satisfaction is seeing those dreams being realized and come true. To have a satisfied client owning their dream property in the sun for which they have probably worked or saved up for most of their lives is probably the greatest level of satisfaction we can achieve at Real Estate My Home.

Real Estate My Home decided in 2009 that it would form a sub foundation within its intermediation company Prisma Real Estate S.L. and through this and its parent company Ashtavinayaka S.L. contribute in some way to society to help everyone achieve some dream or the other for which we strive and work for; to realize your dream; My Home … Your Dream.


Real Estate My Home Sub Foundation:

  • Contributes a small portion of its net yearly working profit to a foundation in Pune (INDIA):  Isha Prema Niketan is a small foundation based in the Indian city of Pune that cares and fosters the less fortunate of society like abandoned, lonely, destitute old men and women, physically handicapped girls and helps them realize their dream by offering them a HOME to create a base from which they can stand on their feet and contribute to society the same way it did for them. Their HOME … our DREAM.
  •  Promotes through comprehensive semester held programs the safety of people and their assets, focusing particularly on property and the importance of property and asset management for a safer future.
  •  Enhances and promotes free training programs for groups of unemployed trying to    re-locate them into partner, parent companies or allied companies of Real Estate My Home.

Please feel free to e-mail us on any suggestions or ideas to promote our Sub-Foundation on contribution to society: fundacion@realestatemyhome.com.