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Rentals @ Real Estate My Home ?

What is the minimum rental period?

We only rent for a minimum of three (3) months and do not cater to short termed holiday rentals. If you would like to book accomodation for shorter stays we recommend the following website: https://www.myholidaygrancanaria.com/

What Deposit do I pay? & How do I get it refunded?

The standard deposit in a rental contract is one month’s rental; however there could be some properties, (especially larger villas or more luxuriously furnished properties) that demand two months rental equivalent. The deposit is completely reimbursed to the tenant once the contract or tenancy period is due and the property is handed over in the same good possession it was received in and any outstanding dues or bills have been cleared. Real Estate My Home shall make sure your deposit is completely reimbursed to you in a maximum of fifteen working days from possession and in the same method of payment it was paid.

How much are the Estate Agents fees?

Real Estate My Home shall charge one month’s fees + VAT and assures you of the highest of services. We shall take care of all the nitty-gritty a rental sometimes involves making sure you have a comfortable stay and are in the legal hands of Real Estate My Home.

Whom am I renting from?

In most cases you shall be renting directly from private property owners who have engaged Real Estate My Home to rent their property (most owners already being clients of Real Estate My Home having previously purchased their property from us itself). In the other cases Real Estate My Home or its parent property investment company are directly owners of the property. So in either of the cases you as a client of Real Estate My Home shall be under the full legal umbrella of our company.

Are all the available rental properties on www.realestatemyhome.com?

Most properties available for rent on our books are all published on our home website www.realestatemyhome.com. However due to the fast moving rental market many properties are booked as soon as left vacant and some not published due to express wishes by owners. Hence it is always recommendable to send us a mail with your preferred characteristics and search criteria in order to be able to make you a perfect tailored offer with the exact property for you. Likewise do mail us for further information or details required, if the same aren’t provided in the descriptions on the web.

I want to reserve a property; what do I do?

Please mail us with the reference number of the property you would like to rent or alternatively a search criteria with details for your required specification and we shall get back to you immediately (usually within 24 hours). Once agreed on the property we shall send you over the bank details and reservation details (payment request) for reservation. Once you have made the payment you would mail us a copy of the bank transfer receipt together with a scanned copy of your passport in order for us to process your reservation and have everything ready and in place for when you arrive to Gran Canaria.

Do I sign a contract?

On your arrival to Gran Canaria and upon taking possession of the property you shall sign a rental agreement/contract which engages yourselves and the property owner. The clauses are standard rental conditions and include the property details, deposit payment, tenancy period, rental price, water and electric bills responsibility etc. Real Estate My Home shall have the entire rental agreement translated verbally for you in your language and shall take full charge of making sure that you as a client of Real Estate My Home are legally protected and in compliance with the standard tenancy agreements and laws.

How do I pay my monthly rental?

You shall already have paid for your first month’s rental together with deposit and estate agents fees before possession of the property; this is usually paid by bank transfer to Real Estate My Home. Your monthly rents are then paid again by bank transfer directly to the owner in an account number specified already on your rental contract. In case it was easier for you to pay in cash, then you could just directly deposit the same into the same account number in the nearest available bank branch office.

Who pays for any extras; Water, Electricity, Community charges & property taxes?

Community fees and property taxes are always paid by the owner (except for very long and exceptional business premises rentals etc). Water and Electricity costs shall vary from property to property; some including costs and others including these bills up to a certain limit and in some cases paid as a complimentary on top of the rental. In either case this shall be clearly stated to you on our rental offers and reservations as well as on your rental contract.

Do I need an insurance?

Most typically the property owner shall have an insurance for the property; however this shall not cover your personal belongings or furniture as well as any damages done by third parties during your tenancy period. Real Estate My Home shall give you options for short and easy insurances to cover these through our principal insurance collaborator MAPFRE, if you wished so.

Does my property allow pets?

Please specify very clearly if you shall be having a pet as many property owners are strict with allowances of certain pets. Furthermore some complexes and resorts have reservations and limitations on the same as well.

How well equipped is my property?

Most of our rental properties are fully equipped for a long term stay; with all basic amenities such as washing machine, cooking equipment, bedding and linen, towels etc. However please specify to us in your mail if you want something more specific or require anything additional in order to try and arrange for the same. We shall also send you a detailed inventory of the equipment and fittings in the property rented as well as have the same attached for you on your rental contract.