Our Team

Real Estate agency Gran Canaria Spain

Real Estate agency Gran Canaria Spain

Aashish Bhagtani

The director and head of the team; co-founder of the company that today encompasses not only Real Estate intermediation but a wide array of professional services related to the Real Estate Market such as consultancy and redevelopment projects. The most veteran member of staff heading a team of highly professional and educated staff with the sole mission and goal of satisfying all Real Estate My Home clients and being the key to the dream of so many to own a property in the sun.


Rajeev Bhagtani

Rajeev Bhagtani is the youngest and most enterprising member of the team; with an experience of over six years in the Real Estate field knowing the Gran Canaria property market, probably better than any other agent on the island. He is most definitely one of the sharpest members of the team being able to pin point the exact needs of a client to realize the same into their dreams. Indeed one of the most precious assets of Real Estate My Home with the ability and capability of having bagged in more than hundred happy clients, all owners of properties in Gran Canaria.


Abigail María De La Cruz Auyanet

Abigail is the newest member of staff to have joined Real Estate My Home, that now being back in 2011. Indeed one of the most efficient members of the team being able to co-ordinate appointments and meetings with owners and clients and liaise with the notaries and lawyers; everything to engage into a successful property transaction. Responsible for organizing and coordinating all Real Estate My Home’s day to day affairs and successfully managing the secretariat needs of the central offices.


Carlos Bethencourt González

For sure the most highly educationally prepared member of Real Estate My Home with a Phd. in Tourism Law from the university of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria having even projected a thesis on the legal ownership forms of the touristic property in Gran Canaria. The legal representative of all the clients of Real Estate My Home, he is indeed one of the most professional members of the team with a legal solution to any complex situation arising with any property and legally assisting all Real Estate My Home clients through a smooth and stress free process of property purchase, engaging into the preparation and revisal of all title deeds and registrar notes of property transactions for Real Estate My Home clients.


James Caicedo Figueroa

James, another veteran, is a member of staff of Real Estate My Home since its very beginnings. The man behind the curtains is probably one of the hardest workers being the maintenance and renovations man for all Real Estate My Home properties. Indeed a very hard worker starting work earlier than any other member of staff and always available at a single phone call from the head offices to buzz of to any urgent maintenance required in a property whilst maybe in the midst of painting another. An all-rounder and important pillar in the staff of Real Estate My Home, without whom the company would indeed lack one of its main motto completions: “An integral after service sales and rental service, to the top satisfaction of all clients”.


Daniel Simón Taramona

Dani as he his known by his collegues is probably the most jovial but at the same time professional member of Real Estate My Home’s team. Engineer in Telecommunications, Dani is the man behind the Energy Efficiency Certifications and legal certifications for all property matters. A property in Spain has many technical aspects that require registrations under various civic bodies, to which Dani being a registered engineer, has inscribed access to and is the technical brain behind elaborating any reports required for registration on properties.