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TestamentA subject that none of us relish; most people do not make proper distribution of their assets following their death.

It is possible to incorporate your Spanish assets into your Will drawn in your home country; however, the delays in having the Will proved can take a considerable length of time and result in numerous problems and frustrations for their heirs.

Establishing a Spanish Will can be quickly completed is straightforward and not at all expensive manner.

Many people start with the intention of writing a Spanish Will following their property purchase, however, following completion this is quickly forgotten.

Making a Spanish Will is simple and Real Estate My Home can arrange this for you concurrently with your property purchase.

Generally the most suitable Spanish Will for the majority of people is known in Spanish as “Testamento Abierto (English translation-open will)”. Your Spanish solicitor will advise you how a Will should be “drawn up” and expressed, in order to achieve your true intentions with regard to all your assets in Spain.

The Notary will prepare the Will, following instructions from your solicitor. You shall then be required to sign the Will in the presence of the Notary. The Notary will then register your Will in the central Registry of Wills providing yourselves with a copy of the same. This will show the official number under which the Will is filed in the registry. You now have the “peace of mind” in knowing that your Will cannot be mislaid or overlooked.

Important note: Please ensure that only a Spanish solicitor advises you on making a Will. Good advice is to discuss making a Will with your solicitor when you give him a formal instruction to act for your property purchase.